Order and Delivery


Delivery Information

At BelaFlam, we are committed to providing you with free delivery, always and forever. Many of our products are meticulously crafted just for you, with a whole lot of love. This bespoke process, however, does require a bit more time than what you might be accustomed to.

For regular deliveries please allow 14-25 working days for delivery.


Eco-Friendly Shipping

Our products are dispatched directly from our manufacturer's warehouse to your doorstep. By bypassing the need for a trip to a department store, our products travel shorter distances, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to a healthier environment. Furthermore, we are committed to using appropriately sized packaging to prevent unnecessary waste, ensuring that you're not transporting excess air.


Cost Savings

Our distinctive business model eliminates the need for inventory storage, reduces transportation costs, and minimizes packaging expenses. Thanks to these ingenious cost-saving measures, we can offer you our entire range at significantly lower prices, all while maintaining our commitment to free shipping!


Possible Delays

We make every effort to expedite the delivery of your order to you promptly. However, on rare occasions, delays may occur. If a delay is expected to extend beyond one week, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Please bear in mind that the indicated shipping times are approximate estimates and not binding guarantees. Shipping times are calculated in working days, excluding weekends. While we strive to ensure speedy delivery, we cannot be held responsible for any disruptions caused by unforeseen circumstances, such as those related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please be aware that shipping times may be subject to delays.